Saturday, August 25, 2018

Choose The Best Resorts Near Mussorie - Staying In Luxury On The Mountains

When the Himalayas beckon, no wanderlust-filled soul can reside enclosed within the four walls of home. The soul seeks out to find its abode, although temporary, to the accommodations on mountains where monotony and complexity never creep in but the intoxicating mountain atmosphere prevails. The enchanting hill station of Mussorie has a number of hotels of such kind and La Villa Bethany in Mussorie stands out among the others, thanks to its variegated accommodation choices and excellent bird watching opportunity.

Location Plays The Main Role 

No matter whether for a romantic honeymoon or idyllic tour with friends, a long planned family outing or a photography trip, you would always find the hotels far from the hustle and bustle. Among the resorts near Mussorie, La Villa Bethany has this serene environ complimented by thickets of Rhododendrons, Pines and Deodars. Overlooking the Doon valley, the Uttarakhand hotels speak on behalf of the uncomplicated lifestyle of the “pahadis” while taking you to a journey to the bygone Colonial era with the architectures and decorations.

Accommodation Choices Are Many

You can feel the ultimate pleasure of staying on the mountains if you stay at the English styled Log Cabins where coziness meets comfort. In most cases the log cabins are self contained with the features like tea and coffee maker, microwave fridge etc, for example, that of La Villa Bethany in Mussorie.
Those looking out for laid back holiday would love the luxury suites and deluxe studios. These rooms in the hotels or resorts of Uttarakhand are equipped with all the necessary and luxury amenities without compromising on the typical mountainous charm. Thanks to the mindfulness of the resort owners, the occupants will always find an excuse to look out for the mountains lurking behind the veil of clouds from the attached balconies or common terraces.

Amenities to Look Out For

While choosing the resorts near Mussorie, you would definitely love being pampered with the state of the art amenities. All the hotels have sturdy furniture built from high quality wood derived from the surrounding forestry. The common amenities like LED, Fridge, Microwave, and coffee or tea maker and of course the complimentary WiFi facility will never make you feel at unease.
The hotels have unlimited facility of running hot water and geyser powered by solar power. Sipping coffee at the common dining room with the warmth of fireplace –the hotel owners know how to create memorable memories for you.
With all the above mentioned perks offered by the hotels and resorts in Uttarakhand, you can be well assured of finding vibrant gardens in all the properties as Himalayan flora thrives well in the climate. Take a leisurely stroll or spend hours sitting on the balcony, go for trekking at the nearby forests and hills or just go out for shopping –there are lots to do. 

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