Thursday, August 30, 2018

The Top features of the Premium Mussoorie Hotels in India

The Premium Hotels of Mussoorie have exclusive features which make them “a must to visit” for the customers. They have some outstanding features which make them unique from the other ordinary hotels in India.Let’s have a look on some of the outstanding features of the Premium Hotels of Mussoorie.

Well-maintained hotel interior and exterior

The Premium Hotels of Mussoorie have a well-maintained interiors and exteriors. The interiors and exteriors of the hotel rooms are designed in such a way that it can catch the eyes of the customers. The interiors and exteriors of the La Villa Bethany inMussoorie are beautifully decorated in order to enhance their customer visits.

Reception open 24*7
Another most distinguishing feature of the Premium Hotels of Mussoorie is the reception facilities served to their guests 24*7. There is a group of front desk staffs in almost every premium hotels of Mussoorie who are responsible to manage the overall activities of the hotels. The Terraces Spa Resort, Kanatal, Uttarakhand has outstanding reception personnel who operates the overall activities of the resort.

Large lobby with adequate seats

Almost all the Premium Hotels in Mussoorie have large lobby with adequateseats to enable the customers to enjoy the leisure time most peacefully. The lobbies are surrounded by beautiful trees in order to provide the heavenly experiences to the guests. The La Villa Bethany in Mussoorie has large lobbies surrounded by beautiful trees and plants providing peaceful experience to the customers. 

Bell Boy Service

The most distinguishing feature of the Premium Hotels of Mussoorie is the Bell Boy Service. The hotels have a distinguished Bell Boy staffs that are responsible to visit the rooms in every 2 hours for the room service procedures. TheTerraces Spa Resort,Kanatal, Uttarakhand, has similar staffs who does the room service procedures in every 2 hours.

Presence of Valet and sound parking services

Most of the Premium Hotels of Mussoorie have intellectual valets who are responsible to provide the sound parking services to their guests. They are responsible to park the cars and other automobiles of the guests and look after them as well.  The La Villa Bethany in Mussoorie is famous for its exclusive valet parking services. The Valets of the hotel park the automobiles of the guests in the safest way and look after them as well.

Thus, the Premium Hotels of Mussoorie have innumerable features which attract most of the tourists from all the parts of India.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Best Luxury Villas In Palampur –Amenities To Enjoy While Staying On The Mountains

Flanked by the snow swathed Dhauladhar ranges, Palampur is ever enchanting with its gurgling streams, tranquil pine groves and chirping of the native as well as migratory mountain birds. While looking for the best luxury villas in Palampur, you would definitely come across the colonial styled three star accommodation of Norwood Green that will let you marvel at the mountains and the verdant tea gardens surrounding the complex. Once a lesser-known attraction in the Himachal Pradesh, Palampur is gaining steady popularity among tourists and even film directors.

The Perfect Accommodation On The Mountains

Wooden floors, spacious rooms, panoramic views and private bathroom –these are the primary features that every luxury villas in Palampur consist of. For families, adventure junkies and honeymooners, the accommodations offer warm ‘pahadi’ hospitality, traditional dishes and necessary amenities.
For example, the Villa Norwood Green with its 500 square yard villas come with four spacious bedrooms having private lounge, attached bathroom, pantry facilities and lawns on both sides offering mesmerizing views of the tea estate and the Dhauladhar.

Facilities To Make Your Stay Comfortable And Convenient

The luxury accommodations are equipped with the top-notch amenities so that you never feel out of place during the period of your stay and feel the urge to return back again to enjoy the services.
  • All the luxury villas inPalampur have butler service to address the requirements and grievances of the guests
  • Vegan, vegetarian and non-vegetarian –everyone can have their choice of food by selecting from the customizable menu at every villa.
  • Daily room service and laundry facility will make your stay comfortable
  • All the luxury hotels have high speed complimentary WiFi facility and every villa of the hotels can have full access
  • LCD or LED television are attached in every villa so that guests never miss out an episode of their favorite TV Show and remain abreast of the current affairs even when they are far from hometown.
  • Being the Tea Capital in North India, Palampur hotels offer itinerary or tours to the local tea estates. The Villa Norwood Green for example, is located beside the tea garden and hence, the guests can enjoy daily walks through the tea garden, factory tour and even pluck leaves by themselves.
  • Parking space is available around the complexes of every villa so that you can keep your cars safe
  • Many villas have indoor gaming like table tennis and outdoor gaming like badminton facilities to keep you warm in the cold weather
  • Running hot water and complimentary toiletries are available in all hotels 

The luxury villas offer single day booking facility and 24/7 front desk service as well as taxi rental service for sightseeing and emergency medical assistance.   

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Hotels in India Set Marks with Luxury Facilities!

Do you want to enjoy the luxurious facilities while staying in a luxurious hotel during your trip? Well! Then the most famous luxurious hotels of India should be your choice. With the advent of new and innovative technologies, various hotels have introduced various innovative changes in their service procedures.
Now, almost every hotel is setting their standards in order to serve the luxury facilities in the most lucrative manner. The La Villa Bethany in Mussoorie aimed at serving their customers and visitors with the best luxurious accommodation facilities with a view of making their trips memorable.

Reasons of the Popularity of the Luxurious Hotels

Whether it’s a business trip or a holiday tour, people always opt for the most affordable accommodations along with the luxurious facilities. The extraordinary features of the luxury hotels make them unique from the other ordinary accommodations.
The fast and friendly check-in procedures and the beautified rooms with well-equipped luxurious facilities are the common reasons to go for a luxurious hotel. Facilities like free internet, food, snacks and beverages, the simple booking procedures, the scenic views from the rooms will certainly make you feel like living in paradise.
Let’s have a look on some of these unique features in details!

Fast and friendly check-in procedures

The luxurious hotel staffs tend to serve fast and friendly check-in procedures to their customers in order to provide the hassle-free services. The LaVilla Bethany in Mussoorie can be the great example of this.

Simple booking procedures
Another most important feature of the luxury hotels is the simple booking procedures which make them unique from the ordinary hotels. The luxury hotels tend to provide their customers the simplest way of booking rooms in their hotels through online bookings.

A cheerful, knowledgeable and genuine staff

The luxury cottages in Mussoorie are gaining the popularity day by day due to this very factor. The staffs of the luxury hotels should be friendly and knowledgeable at the same time.

The beautified guest rooms; exactly what you want

The rooms of a luxury hotel are supposed to have certain common facilities for their guests. Though there are not set parameters but still it has to have some minimum amenities which includes:
  • Superb and Grandiose furnishing
  • Attention towards Aesthetic details
  • Walls with original art
  • Adequate storage
  • Slippers s\and Robes
  • Coffee Maker
  • Different Pillow Types (few have pillow menu as well)
  • Mirror (Full-length)
  • TV, iPod/iPhone Dock
  • King Bed

The luxury cottages in Mussoorie have rooms with all the above facilities in their room.
Activities to Enjoy
In a luxury hotel a guest can enjoy some of the heavenly amenities. Some of them are:
  • Spa Treatment
  • Laundry Service
  • Packing and unpacking service
  • Fitness center (anytime)
  • Pet sitting
  • Baby Sitting
  • Dog walking

Monday, August 27, 2018

Make your trip memorable with the splendid hotels in India

Do you people want to make your trips memorable? Do you want to create specific moments which shall leave behind a benchmark on your hearts forever? Well! Then you must spend your trips with the most splendid hotels of India. The various emerging splendid hotels have created a benchmark in the overall Hotels and Aviation Sectors. The splendid hotels are basically the resorts which not only provide the luxurious facilities but also the homely environment. The great examples of these hotels can be the best resorts near Mussoorie.
The unique characteristics of the splendid hotels or resorts make them different from the other simple hotels with the basic amenities. Let’s find out those amazing features.

Superb Amenities

The range and number of amenities is one of the most distinguishing characteristic of resorts. These advanced and innovative amenities are located primarily in the hotel room and the washroom and are resort brands or upgraded brands in general.

Guest room amenities:
  • Mineral water
  • Patio
  • Bathrobes
  • Fresh flowers
  • Wet bar
  • Pillows (over-sized)
  • Triple Sheeting
  • Refrigerator
  • In-room coffee
  • Ironing board and iron
  • Hair dryers
  • Two phones
  • Free access to internet
Bath room amenities:
  • Mouth wash
  • Lotion
  • Sewing kits
  • Bath cap
  • Bath scales
  • Vanity mirror
The Kanatal Resorts and Spa,Uttarakhand provide superb amenities to their guests in order to serve them better.

Recreational Activities

Perhaps the other distinguishing characteristic of resorts is the wide range of amusement activities they provide in accordance with the favorable climatic conditions. Moreover, the resorts are located in those places which are free from harmful congestion and smog, making it easier for the recreational activities. These are outdoor activities in general. Let’s enlist those activities.
  • Golf
  • Beaches
  • Cultural Tours
  • Spa
  • Skiing
  • Water Complex
  • Nature Tours
  • Hiking
  • Tennis
Naturally, the time and location helps in determining the offerings of the resorts. The above mentioned recreational activities are continuously ameliorated in order to upgrade the appropriate layouts, spacious landscaping, food and beverage outlets and attendants to offer flexibility and convenience to their guests. The Kanatal Resorts and Spa, Uttarakhand provide a range of similar recreational activities to their guests.


The resorts have more intellectual concierges who are ready to serve their guests 24*7 than the other ordinary hotels. The concierges are responsible to resolve the guest queries, give suggestions and then complete the reservation. Guest expectations and requests can be quite specific and detailed. The Concierge must take care of all these requests and satisfy their customers accordingly. The bestresorts near Mussoorie have excellent concierges who provide the outstanding services to their customers.    

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Choose The Best Resorts Near Mussorie - Staying In Luxury On The Mountains

When the Himalayas beckon, no wanderlust-filled soul can reside enclosed within the four walls of home. The soul seeks out to find its abode, although temporary, to the accommodations on mountains where monotony and complexity never creep in but the intoxicating mountain atmosphere prevails. The enchanting hill station of Mussorie has a number of hotels of such kind and La Villa Bethany in Mussorie stands out among the others, thanks to its variegated accommodation choices and excellent bird watching opportunity.

Location Plays The Main Role 

No matter whether for a romantic honeymoon or idyllic tour with friends, a long planned family outing or a photography trip, you would always find the hotels far from the hustle and bustle. Among the resorts near Mussorie, La Villa Bethany has this serene environ complimented by thickets of Rhododendrons, Pines and Deodars. Overlooking the Doon valley, the Uttarakhand hotels speak on behalf of the uncomplicated lifestyle of the “pahadis” while taking you to a journey to the bygone Colonial era with the architectures and decorations.

Accommodation Choices Are Many

You can feel the ultimate pleasure of staying on the mountains if you stay at the English styled Log Cabins where coziness meets comfort. In most cases the log cabins are self contained with the features like tea and coffee maker, microwave fridge etc, for example, that of La Villa Bethany in Mussorie.
Those looking out for laid back holiday would love the luxury suites and deluxe studios. These rooms in the hotels or resorts of Uttarakhand are equipped with all the necessary and luxury amenities without compromising on the typical mountainous charm. Thanks to the mindfulness of the resort owners, the occupants will always find an excuse to look out for the mountains lurking behind the veil of clouds from the attached balconies or common terraces.

Amenities to Look Out For

While choosing the resorts near Mussorie, you would definitely love being pampered with the state of the art amenities. All the hotels have sturdy furniture built from high quality wood derived from the surrounding forestry. The common amenities like LED, Fridge, Microwave, and coffee or tea maker and of course the complimentary WiFi facility will never make you feel at unease.
The hotels have unlimited facility of running hot water and geyser powered by solar power. Sipping coffee at the common dining room with the warmth of fireplace –the hotel owners know how to create memorable memories for you.
With all the above mentioned perks offered by the hotels and resorts in Uttarakhand, you can be well assured of finding vibrant gardens in all the properties as Himalayan flora thrives well in the climate. Take a leisurely stroll or spend hours sitting on the balcony, go for trekking at the nearby forests and hills or just go out for shopping –there are lots to do. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Mussoorie Hotels A Vacation to Explore Raw And Untouched Beauty of Nature

Located in the outskirts of Mussoorie is a place called Kanatal that is blessed with the heavenly scenery. It is a perfect getaway for both adventure buffs as well as leisure travellers. Situated at a height of 8,500 feet above the sea level, on the Mussoorie Chamba road, here you will find some of the best places to stay. One such place is The Terraces which is located 75 km(s) from Dehradun and Rishikesh and takes 2 hours to reach here. No doubt, this hill town offers a spectacular view of the Garhwal Himalayas which is a perfect treat to the eyes.

The Terraces

The Terraces Resort Kanatal is a boutique spa resort which is an ideal getaway for a perfectly relaxing and rejuvenating holiday away from the hectic city life. The place different from most of the hill stations that attract a lot of tourists. Here you will get to explore nature in a different way. The property has small nature trails around that are perfect for small hikes. Each room has a private balcony that offers a view of the snow-clad peaks of the Garhwalranges.

Category of Rooms

One of the best resorts in Kanatal, The Terraces offers you an excellent spa treatment to make you feel pampered. Here you can also practice yoga and do meditation or simply take up a trek to the Kodia forest. Amongst the popular places to visit is the Surkanda Devi temple. This resort has three different categories of rooms for the guests to accommodate and they are:
·         Deluxe Rooms
·         Premium Rooms
·         Luxury Suite
This boutique provides you with the best facilities/amenities that include:
·         Café Ramano for the small hunger pangs
·         Fire and Stone Restaurant for the full course meals

Amenities and Facilities

Each room has a mini-bar/fridge, a tea/coffee maker and an electronic safe where you can keep the important things safely. The intercom phone connectivity will let stay connected with the reception so that you may ask for any service anytime. As already mentioned above, there is a private balcony in each room so that you may enjoy a spectacular view of the surroundings to please your eyes. The free Wi-Fi internet connectivity allows staying in touch with the outside world. There is also a flat screen LCD TV with DTH connection in each room. Apart from the above-mentioned facilities, there is a lot more than you can check out yourself while you stay at The Terraces.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Get Best Package for Luxurious Hotels & Resorts in India

About Palampur

Popularly known as the tea garden of Northern India – Palampur is nested in the valleys of Kangra in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Surrounded by thick pine forests and sprawling tea gardens, this less explored hill station has a lot to offer you. The place was a popular summer getaway for the Britishers due to its soothing climate and a mild weather all throughout the year. It is because of the abundance of water as it lies in the lap of the mountains and hence, the name that has been derived from the word palum which means the same.

For your accommodation

When planning to visit Palampur, look for a place which is close to nature and also loaded with all the modern facilities and amenities at the same time. One such property is the Villa Norwood Green that is located amidst the serene beauty of the rocky Himalayan ranges and the green tea gardens. The property has a colonialarchitecture that will drive you to the past. Here you will be able to feel nature closely or participate in some adventurous activities. You can also take up a sightseeing excursion if you are not an adventure freak.

All about Norwood Green

The resort has sixteen massive bedrooms, all with an attached bathroom. They all have an LCD flat screen TV for some entertainment. Every single villa has a lounge, private dining area and a backyard along with a butler service. The gardens are well maintained that opens up to the view of the beautiful tea gardens on one side and the Dhauladhar ranges on the other. These luxury villas in Palampur has its own parking. The check-ins and dining are done in the individual villas. For any queries, the reception is always there for a help that is open 24*7.


The Norwood Green resorts offer a set of four rooms in each villa. Each room has an attached bathroom and a flat-screen TV and an in-house lounge along with a dining area. Every villa has both front and rear lawn that overlooks the mountain ranges and the tea estates. Out of the four, three of them are on the first floor. The remaining one is on the ground floor has a massive balcony that faces the tea gardens and the rocky mountains. Staying in this luxurious property during your visit to Palampur will surely make your experience more memorable.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

3 Factors That Matter Most While Choosing Best Resorts In Uttarakhand

Most of the people think that a resort vacation is only meant for the couples. But this is not the complete truth because even families can have an amazing vacation in a resort that caters to all the needs. Hence, to select a resort that is up to mark is a challenging task. It is important to choose a comfortable place to stay because a lot of your overall experience of a destination depends on the place you accommodate. Hence, here are two of the best resorts near Mussoorie, Uttarakhand that can make your holiday worth counting:

1. The Terraces, Kanatal

This Kanatal resorts & spaUttarakhand is an ideal destination for holidaying. The resort is located in a serene suburb of Mussoorie that is known for its scenic beauty and adventurous activities. It is an ideal getaway option for couples as well as families or a group of friends. Even for the solo backpackers, this place has a lot to offer. Here you can look for the peace and fun that you do not get in your day to day lives. It takes a two hours drive from Dehradun to reach here as it is only 75 Km(s) away.

2. La Villa, Landour

If you are looking for an ideal place for accommodation near Mussoorie then, LaVilla Bethany in Landour might be the place that would make your stay all the way more special. The beautiful greenery on the hills that has rich flora and fauna makes it one of the most visited hill station in India. The town is also famous for its archaic style bungalows that have beautiful gardens outside which are an absolute treat to the eyes. This particular property is also an old English cottage that provides bread and breakfast.


So, if you are planning a trip to these ideal resorts to have a great time then do not forget to check out the surroundings which will add to your dream vacation. Here you can experience the magical sunrise and sunset that you shouldn’t miss out. For the adventure enthusiast, Mussoorie is an ideal place with a plethoraof options to choose from. You can only understand what’s its like to stay near Mussoorie once you experience it yourself. It is indeed an ideal spot for a weekend getaway and for couples to spend their honeymoon.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Best Places to Stay — Luxury Resorts in Uttarakhand, India


The state of Uttarakhand is situated at the foothills of the northern ranges of the majestic Himalayas. There are numerous places that Uttarakhand has to offer to the tourists which include beautiful hill stations like Kanatal and Mussoorie. The state attracts thousands of tourist from all over India and around the world every month. The place has a very rich flora and fauna which is a real treat to the eyes. If you have been looking for a weekend getaway or a short holiday then both Kanatal and  Mussoorie are an ideal place to give a visit.

The Terraces Resort

Kanatal is a small village that brags of both adventure and leisure activities. This place is approximately 78 km away from Dehradun that takes two hours by road to reach. The Terraces Spa Resort Kanatal,Uttarakhand is an ideal place for you to stay if you have been longing for a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday. The surroundings of this boutique spa have beautiful nature trails for small hikes. Every room of this property opens up to a private balcony that gives you a view of the snowy peaks of the Garhwal ranges.

Stay near Mussoorie

Located on the Chamba-Mussoorie highway, The Terraces is one of the best resorts near Mussoorie. It offers three category of rooms which includes the Deluxe Rooms, Premium Rooms and Luxury Suite. The resort has a café namely Café Ramano that serves light delicacies and the Fire & Stone Restaurant for a full course meal. Every room has a Mini Bar, a tea/coffee maker and an electronic safe. There is a facility of intercom phone connectivity for your convenience and a private balcony that offers a treat to your eyes. Here you will also get free Wi-Fi Internet Connectivity.


So, if you are planning to visit places like Kanatal Or Mussoorie anytime soon the, you can choose The Terraces for your accommodation that offers its guests all the modern facilities and amenities like TV, fireplace and DVD player. The property also has an amphitheatre. You won’t have to struggle much to reach the property which is justa distance away from Haridwar Railway station via Rishikesh. If you are coming from Rishikesh, it will take 2 hours and 34 minutes approximately to reach this place. Even from Delhi, it is just 320 Km(s) away that takes 7 hours and 41 minutes only.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Eco-Friendly Resorts For A Better India


Some of the most luxurious hotels and resorts are practising eco-tourism. Travellers can now enjoy a luxurious stay in eco-friendly resorts at the various scenic destinations like Palampur and Kanatal. Apart from the hill stations, this new concept is developing at a quick pace all over India. Many think that an eco stay cannot be luxurious but the truth isn’t so. When you plan for an eco stay, you get to experience an inspirational approach to tourism. These retreats also provide the guests to participate in the unique local activities that one may not find elsewhere.

Norwood Greens

Thanks to luxurious resorts like Villa Norwood Green, travellers are getting a chance to discover a remarkable approach to discovering nature at its best. So, if you have been planning for a good holiday destination away from the hustle andbustle of the city then, Palampur is the place where you would love to stay. The Norwood Greens gives you the perfect accommodating option where you can take up a complete experience of the breathtaking valley of Palampur. You will not find much crowd here as this part of Himachal Pradesh is yet to be unexplored.

The Terraces-Kanatal

Another eco-friendly resort that truly deserves a mention is the Terrace Resort Kanatal which is nested in the suburb of Mussoorie. Known for its heavenly scenery and adventurous activities, this place is a perfect getaway for both leisure travellers as well as adventure freaks. Kanatal has a serene beauty where you can look for some peace, fun and thrill. The place is situated at a height of 8,500 ft. above the sea level on the Mussoorie Chamba road. The Terraces is located at a distance of 75 km(s) that takes two hours from both Rishikesh as well as Dehradun.


Both the eco-friendly resorts offer a spectacular view of the beauty of nature which is a perfect treat to the eyes. Here you can have a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday staying close to nature. The surrounding areas of these resorts have so much to discover. The resorts are loaded with all the modernamenities and facilities that a traveller needs. They offer the guests a homelike aura along with the best services as per the requirements. Both the resorts have spacious bedrooms along with hygienic and well-equipped bathrooms. Both the resorts are the result of an initiative to bridge the gap between rural and urban India.

The Top features of the Premium Mussoorie Hotels in India

The Premium Hotels of Mussoorie have exclusive features which make them “a must to visit” for the customers. They have some outstanding ...